Anthracite Miners Memorial

Pennsylvania Anthracite Miners Memorial relief bronze by  Zenos Frudakis honors the thousands of hardworking and courageous coal miners who lived and worked in the anthracite region of Pennsylvania. 

Comprised of three large bronze plaques, the monument's left panel, titled "Life Underground," tells the story of deep miners at work in coal pits. "The Passageway," largest and central panel, illustrates four miners exiting a mine shaft. "Life Above Ground," the right panel, shows row homes in Shenandoah in 1891. The monument is surrounded by bricks featuring the names of many of the miners, and benches where visitors can rest and reflect on the hardworking residents of the Upper Schuylkill Region who helped to build America.

Size: Left and right panels 6 by 4 feet, central panel 8 feet square
Media: Bronze Relief
Location:  Girard Park (corner of Main and Washington St), Shenandoah, Pennsylvania
Collection:  Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

In the Media

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