Duane Hanson, sculptor

"In an age when lack of self-discipline, quality control, personal integrity, and meaningful communication in a work of art have largely been sacrificed for momentary attention-getting manipulations, it is a joy to observe an artist such as Zenos Frudakis consistently produce works that are based on time tested traditions of beauty and form, yet have great contemporary significance."


Donald De Lue, sculptor
Recommending Zenos for membership in National Sculpture Society, 1982:

"I take great pleasure in proposing Zenos Frudakis for membership in the National Sculpture Society. He is young and full of promise, talented and able to execute important commissions in a professional manner. I am sure that he is dedicated to the ideals of the NSS and is entirely in sympathy with the aims and principles of the National Sculpture Society."


Walker Hancock, sculptor, member of the Monuments Men
Seconding Donald De Lue’s recommendation of Zenos for membership in National Sculpture Society, 1982:

"Mr. Zenos Frudakis is a sculptor of talent and experience, as shown by the enclosed list of qualifications. I am glad to second his nomination for membership in the National Sculpture Society."


Arnold Palmer with artist Zenos Frudakis at the unveiling of his portrait sculpture at the Laurel Valley Country Club, Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

Arnold Palmer

"I want to tell you how much I like the statue you did of me for the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame. You are a very talented man…. It was good to meet you at the unveiling…"

Tracey Stewart and children at the dedication of Payne Stewart's sculpture at Pinehurst, North Carolina. Sculptor Zenos Frudakis pictured on left.

Tracey Stewart

"It was great to meet you and Rosalie at the event in Pinehurst last week. The bronze of Payne is very special and your talent is evident. Thank you for your patience and perseverance to get the statue just right. Your part in making this memorial to Payne so exceptional is very much appreciated."

Robert Dedman portrait statue by Zenos Frudakis.

Patricia Dedman Dietz

"Thank you very much for creating an incredible image of my father. You captured his likeness and spirit in a way I did not think possible, and have given us a memory that will always be treasured. I am so pleased with every detail of it … thank you for using your enormous talent to give us a wonderful Robert Dedman statue. You have exceeded by expectations and given us a great gift."


Dr. Ernest Mario, Glaxo

"Absolutely superb … outstanding … one-of-a kind … and on and on! These were just a few of the comments I heard over the past few days regarding the bas-relief and bust of Mr. Ruvane. They were the crowning jewels in our event to celebrate Mr. Ruvane’s retirement and you should be very proud of your creations."


Sanford Atwood, former President, Emory University

"At the Chemistry Building ceremony I tried to express my great appreciation for your relief, but I want to say again that I’m greatly pleased with your efforts. I never expected to be cast in bronze, but as long as it was to happen, I’m happy that you were chosen as the sculptor. The results seem to have pleased everyone, and I’m ready anytime to give you an A+ recommendation."


Portrait bust of Honorable K. Leroy Irvis, former Speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

The Honorable K. Leroy Irvis, former Speaker of the PA House of Representatives
Bust in State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg

"I have had the unusual opportunity of lengthy discussions with Mr. Frudakis while sitting (for my portrait)… As an artist and a wood-carver… I have been particularly impressed with Mr. Frudakis’ sensitivity and breadth of understanding. ... His work, of course, is of exceptional quality. The depth of his appreciation for the human condition is particularly apparent as one spends time with him. ... His work is technically superb and extraordinarily intimate."

Relief sculpture of Richardson Dilworth by sculptor Zenos Frudakis.

Judge Louis Hill, Philadelphia

"I wish to express my appreciation for the magnificent bronze bas-relief of my stepfather, Richardson Dilworth you created for placement …. in Philadelphia International Airport. Many persons who have seen the bas-relief have told me how much they liked it and have expressed their view that it captures the essence of Richardson Dilworth in many ways. 

Since I was very involved in this project, as you know, I am aware of the extraordinary effort you made to collect material, particularly photographs, of Richardson Dilworth. You were very generous with your time and spent many hours with me reviewing these photographs for the purpose of obtaining the best likeness. I appreciate the many times you accompanied (the committee) to the airport to discuss this matter with officials there and find and develop the best site. ... 

We appreciate very much your efforts with the Art Commission and the patience with which you listened to their thoughts. 

In short, I am not an artist or a sculptor, but I know what I like. My feeling is shared with many other persons that the bas-relief of my stepfather is a superb work of art. 

Thank you very much for your courtesy, cooperation, patience and great talent."

Stephen Cryan
Director of Retail, PGA Member, Pinehurst Resort, NC

"Thank you for doing such a tremendous job in the creation of the Payne Stewart statue. I know that this endeavor was not an easy one, with the limited resources we provided you, but I will echo the feelings of many that the statue looks incredible. For years to come, it will be an ongoing tribute to “One Moment In Time” of June 1999. I hope we can work together again."

Sculptor Zenos Frudakis with his portrait statue of Philadelphia Mayor Frank L. Rizzo.

Councilman Frank Rizzo, Jr.

"I wanted to thank you for your hard work on my father’s monument. Your talent truly shows in each characteristic that unquestionably and accurately reflects the true personality of Frank L. Rizzo when he was still with us. 

The statue looks wonderful and the citizens of Philadelphia have been calling to say how much they love it."


Hal Holbrook receiving Mark Twain sculpture by artist Zenos Frudakis (left).

Hal Holbrook

"It was a great thrill to uncover your magnificent sculpture of Mark Twain. ... It is not only a startling likeness of Mr. Clemens, it captures the fierceness behind those eyes and the indomitable set of the jaw which underscores his work and his life. ... It was a pleasure to meet you..."