Arnold Palmer, Tralee Golf Course, Ireland

Over-life-size bronze statue of Arnold Palmer dedicated at Tralee Golf Course, Tralee Ireland, on Mr. Palmer's birthday, Monday, September 10, 2007. This is the second castthe initial cast was dedicated on the same day at the airport named after him in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

When Mr. Palmer posed for Zenos Frudakis earlier this year in Bay Hill, Orlando, we brought the clay bust Zenos was working on into Mr. Palmer's office in advance of his arrival. Mr. Palmer's golden retriever, Mulligan, lit up when he saw the bust, and began wagging his tail. He followed Zenos, who was carrying the bust, into Mr. Palmer's office, tail still in motion. When the bust was placed on the sculpture stand, Mulligan sat down in front of it, looking into the sculpture's eyes, and continued wagging his tail.

Those who know the subject best are often the harshest critics of sculpture busts, so with Mulligan's approval, we felt the sculpture was moving in the right direction.

Mr. Palmer likes it also.

Size: Over-life size
Media: Bronze
Location: Tralee Golf Course, Ireland
Collections: Tralee Golf Course, Ireland

Comment on Sculpture: 
"I want to tell you how much I like the statue you did of me for the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame. You are a very talented man.”
- Arnold Palmer