Jack Nicklaus and Dwight Gahm

Valhalla Golf Club founder and course designer, Dwight Gahm and Jack Nicklaus, are honored with life-size bronze sculptures at Valhalla. Dwight Gahm owned the original property that is now the famous Valhalla Golf Club and he hired Jack Nicklaus to design the championship course. The statues are installed behind the 18th green near the clubhouse. The life-size bronze sculptures, created by Zenos Frudakis, show Gahm pointing to the 18th green, with Nicklaus in contemplation chin in hand. These poses are a takeoff of a clubhouse painting showing Gahm and Nicklaus surveying Valhalla's 486 acres during the construction process.

Size: Life size
Media: Bronze
Location: Valhalla Golf Club, Louisville, Kentucky

Comment on Sculpture
"It's about the legacy and leaving something behind. These statues will be here long after we are all long gone.
Mike Montague, Valhalla General Manager

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