K. Leroy Irvis

The Honorable K. Leroy Irvis (December 27, 1919 – March 16, 2006) sculpted by Zenos Frudakis, on view at the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. K. Leroy Irvis was the first African American to serve as a speaker of the house in any state legislature in the United States since Reconstruction.

Size: Life size
Media: Bronze
Location: State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 


  • State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 
  • Additional castings in Private Collections

Comment on Sculpture 
"I have had the unusual opportunity of lengthy discussions with Mr. Frudakis while sitting (for my portrait)… As an artist and a wood-carver… I have been particularly impressed with Mr. Frudakis’ sensitivity and breadth of understanding. ... His work, of course, is of exceptional quality. The depth of his appreciation for the human condition is particularly apparent as one spends time with him. ... His work is technically superb and extraordinarily intimate."" 

- The Honorable K. Leroy Irvis, former Speaker of the PA House of Representatives