Richardson Dilworth

Richardson Dilworth, former mayor of Philadelphia, sculpted by Zenos Frudakis.

Size: Over life size
Media: Bronze
Location:  Richardson Dilworth International Terminal, Philadelphia International Airport

Comment on Sculpture: 
"I wish to express my appreciation for the magnificent bronze bas-relief of my stepfather, Richardson Dilworth you created for placement ... in Philadelphia International Airport. Many persons who have seen the bas-relief have told me how much they liked it and have expressed their view that it captures the essence of Richardson Dilworth in many ways.

Since I was very involved in this project, as you know, I am aware of the extraordinary effort you made to collect material, particularly photographs, of Richardson Dilworth. You were very generous with your time and spent many hours with me reviewing these photographs for the purpose of obtaining the best likeness. I appreciate the many times you accompanied (the committee) to the airport to discuss this matter with officials there and find and develop the best site. ...

We appreciate very much your efforts with the Art Commission and the patience with which you listened to their thoughts.

In short, I am not an artist or a sculptor, but I know what I like. My feeling is shared with many other persons that the bas-relief of my stepfather is a superb work of art.

Thank you very much for your courtesy, cooperation, patience and great talent."
Judge Louis Hill, Philadelphia