U.S. Honor Guard


U.S. Honor Guard


The United States Air Force Memorial Honor Guard, A Sculpture by Zenos Frudakis explains the process of creating the Honor Guard sculpture sited in the nation's service memorial for the Air Force, located in Arlington National Cemetery. In doing so it explains how almost all bronze monuments are made.

Four essayists examine the U.S. Air Force Memorial Honor Guard sculpture from different perspectives. Walter Boyne, author, Air Force historian, former director of Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, and Chairman of the National Aeronautic Association writes about the sculpture from the perspective of its meaning to airmen. Air Force Memorial Managing Director Peter Lindquist describes visitors' reactions to the sculpture and the symbolic importance of the vigilant Honor Guard. Art historian and award-winning author Katherine Jaegerpresents samples from the continuum of figurative American military sculpture. Academic, art historian, specialist in the life and works of painter Thomas Eakins, and author Dr. William Innes Homer discusses the tradition of realism at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where Zenos studied. 

The sculpture, foundry and installation of the Honor Guard memorial are described with photographs throughout, including the research and development of initial concept, client reviews and the final dedication. The book presents details of the sculpting process—casting, molds, waxes, burn-out and patinas.

A statement from the artist completes the book. Through the photos and text of the book readers meet individuals who made this project a success, including the Board and staff of the Air Force Memorial Foundation, the United States Honor Guard Specialists, the sculptor, the foundry owners, studio assistants and models, giving a human face to this project from beginning to end.

Author Rosalie Frudakis has been Zenos' partner in the sculpture studio for more than three decades. She supervises proposals for commissions and production—providing the key link between the client's desires and the sculptor's vision.

Hard Cover: 96 pages
Publication Date: December 1, 2007
Language: English
Photos: 40 black/white and color photos
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ISBN-10: 0615168353
ISBN-13: 978-0615168357
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Comments about the Book

"Thus it was essential that...the very essence of the Air Force, its essential humanity, be captured...and sculptor Zenos Frudakis did." 
Walter J. Boyne
Colonel, USAF, Retired

"The emotional chord struck by Frudakis' Honor Guard, however, is unlike...any other war memorial...Anyone...can instantly identify the contemplative mixture of respect, sorrow, and pride seen in Frudakis' figures." 
Katherin Jaeger
Art Historian, Author

"I was a technical advisor for Zenos on the uniform wear and weapon manuals. When I first saw the sculpture...I was in awe. I slowly circled the sculpture with an eagle eye looking for the slightest flaw, but...it was perfect." 
Elizabeth F. Adams
Major, USAF, former Commander
USAF Honor Guard

"Looking at Frudakis' work, we see something that is traditional, based on disciplined observation, yet definitely belonging to our time." 
William Innes Homer
Art Historian